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Water Flow Chart

Using Water Flow Charts & Weather Reports: Begin with our water flow charts to grasp stream velocity and volume – look for stable or rising trends to pinpoint ideal fishing times. Learn to interpret sudden spikes or drops, which can indicate potential challenges. Next, consult our weather reports to understand ambient conditions. Pairing the two, you can anticipate fish behavior, choose the right gear, and select the best fishing spots. Use these tools together for a holistic approach to your next fishing adventure.

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Hatch Chart

Month Hatch Time of Day Recommended Fly Sizes Popular Fly Patterns
January No major hatches Not applicable Not applicable Nymphs and Streamers
February No major hatches Not applicable Not applicable Nymphs and Streamers
March Midges Afternoon #18-#20 Griffith's Gnat, Zebra Midge
April Blue Winged Olive Midday #16-#20 Parachute BWO, Pheasant Tail Nymph
May Caddis & Hendricksons Morning and Evening #14-#16 Elk Hair Caddis, Hendrickson Parachute
June Sulphers & Light Cahills Evening #16-#18 Sulpher Parachute, Light Cahill
July Trico Mayflies & Terrestrials Morning for Tricos, Afternoon for Terrestrials #20-#22 for Tricos, #10-#12 for Terrestrials Trico Spinner, Ants and Beetles patterns
August Terrestrials & White Flies Afternoon for Terrestrials, Late Evening for White Flies #10-#12 for Terrestrial, #12-#14 for White Flies Ant and Beetles patterns, White Wulff
September Tan Caddis & Blue Winged Olives Evening for Caddis, Midday for BWO #14-#16 for Caddis, #16-#20 for BWO Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Pheasant Tail Nymph
October Blue Winged Olive & Midges Midday for BWO, Afternoon for Midges #16-#20 for BWO, #18-#20 for Midges BWO Parachute, Griffith's Gnat
November No major hatches Not applicable Not applicable Nymphs and Streamers
December No major hatches Not applicable Not applicable Nymphs and Streamers

While we strive to ensure the precision of our hatch charts, some reflect broader river region insights. Through ongoing partnerships with local guides and fly shops, we’re committed to refining our data. Should you notice any inconsistencies or have feedback, we welcome you to reach out. 

Best Fishing Spots

Menomonee River in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, is a prime locale for fly fishing, with a spectrum of fish species to catch.

  • Menomonee Park: An easily accessible location with ample fly fishing spots. The river here is home to Northern Pike, Walleye, and panfish.
  • Mill Pond Park: This spot is popular for its slow-moving water, making it a favorable spot for beginners.
  • Granville Dog Park: Not only is this dog park a great area for canine companions, but the adjacent river is excellent for fly fishing.
  • Riverside Park: It offers a serene environment for fly fishing. Trout are the most common catch in this area.
  • Tamarack Preserve: While the preserve itself offers a beautiful backdrop, the Menomonee River running through it provides conditions for catching a variety of fish including the elusive Steelhead trout.

Remember to adhere to state fishing regulations and catch-and-release practices to maintain the health and population of fish in the Menomonee River.

Best Access Points

The Menomonee River – Menomonee Falls area is abundant with access points for fly fishing. Several top spots include:

  • Milwaukee County Sports Complex: This provides a spacious shoreline and a shallow area for wading.
  • Village Park: Located in the heart of Menomonee Falls, this access point delivers plenty of parking and a generous portion of the river to fish.
  • Granville Dog Park: Equipped with convenient parking, this location allows for easy river access, ideal for shore fishing and wading.
  • Riverside Park: This Menomonee Falls’ gem is tucked away with a stretch of river running right through it, a top spot for any fly fisherman.

Remember to secure a valid fishing license from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources before you embark on your adventure.

Local Fish

  • Chinook Salmon: This is a highly sought-after game fish due to its incredible strength and size.
  • Brown Trout: Menomonee River is particularly popular for its supply of large Brown Trout during the fall season.
  • Steelhead: Also referred to as Rainbow Trout, Steelheads are a common target for fly fishing due to their fighting spirit.
  • Smallmouth Bass: These are one of the toughest fighting freshwater fish, making them an enjoyable challenge for fly fishers.
  • Walleye: Known for their exceptional taste, Walleye are prevalent within the Menomonee River.
  • Musky: As Wisconsin’s state fish, the Muskellunge or “Musky” is a challenging and thrilling fish to catch on a fly.
  • Northern Pike: Similar to the Musky, the Northern Pike is an aggressive fish, making for an exciting catch.
  • Lake Trout: Typically caught while fly fishing during colder months, Lake Trout provide a great deal of excitement for fly fishers.

About The River

Tucked away in Wisconsin is the serene Menomonee River, a jewel flowing through charming small towns and thriving cities alike. Known for its picturesque views and bountiful fisheries, this river has a history as compelling as the waterways it forms.

The Menomonee River follows a seamless course that drops over Menomonee Falls, hence, the origin of the name. This breathtaking fall has springs that can be traced back to the last Ice Age, making it a relic of geological history.

  • The river served as a significant communication and trade route for the region’s indigenous tribes, most notably the Menominee from which the river takes its name.
  • During the 19th century industrialization, the river played a crucial role in power generation and transportation.
  • Today, the Menomonee River is a cherished asset for outdoor enthusiasts, providing opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and bird-watching.

Each ripple in the Menomonee River is a testament to a rich tapestry of natural and cultural history, making it a must-visit for adventurers and history buffs alike.


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