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Local Fly Shop Partnership Program

Sign up for our partnership program and we’ll spotlight your fly shop on our river reports as a trusted local expert.

By sharing detailed fishing information with us, you’ll help improve the fly fishing community while we direct more anglers to your business.

This partnership offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your shop’s exposure and contribute positively to the local fly fishing scene.

  • Participation in this program is at no cost to you or your shop. 
  • We are looking to create a partnership based on the exchange of accurate information regarding fly fishing for exposure. 
Local Fly Fishing Shop Partnership

Fly Shop Partnership Registration Form

Complete this form with your fly shop's business details

Shop Contact Information

Please provide the contact information for a designated individual whom we may directly contact

Fly Fishing River Information

By sharing information about the river's location, access points, and unique features, you can increase its visibility within the fly fishing community and among beginners.

This listing will not only promote your river but also drive more visitors and enthusiasts to your store, as your shop will be directly linked on the river report page and referenced as our Local Expert.

Hatch Chart

Please provide a detailed hatch chart that covers each month from January through December.

For each entry, include the month, the prevalent hatch during that period, hook sizes, and a popular fly pattern that matches the hatch.

This is meant to be a general overview to help guide beginners or those new to the area in the right direction.

For example:

  • January - Midge - #20/#22 - Zebra Midge
  • Mid-January - Blue Winged Olive - #18 - RS2 Emerger

Fishing Spots & Access Points

Please provide details for at least five fishing spots on your river.

We're not asking for your secret locations, but rather accessible and rewarding spots ideal for beginner anglers or those looking to explore.

Include the name of each spot, access points, and any distinctive features that make them great for fishing.

For example:

  • Spot Name: Riverbend Pool
  • Access Points: Off Route 27, via the marked gravel path
  • Notable Features: Deep pools and overhanging trees, popular for its late afternoon hatches of Caddisflies.

Highlight Your Shop: Contribute a Fly Fishing Tip or Story

Please submit a fly fishing tip or a memorable story that highlights your shop's expertise and unique experiences.

This submission will not only highlight your shop's offerings but also engage and educate our community, helping your business stand out.