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Water Flow Chart

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Using Water Flow Charts & Weather Reports: Begin with our water flow charts to grasp stream velocity and volume – look for stable or rising trends to pinpoint ideal fishing times. Learn to interpret sudden spikes or drops, which can indicate potential challenges. Next, consult our weather reports to understand ambient conditions. Pairing the two, you can anticipate fish behavior, choose the right gear, and select the best fishing spots. Use these tools together for a holistic approach to your next fishing adventure.

In-Depth Weather

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Directions To Location

Hatch Chart

Month Hatch Time of Day Recommended Fly Sizes Popular Fly Patterns
January Midges Midday #18-22 Zebra Midge
February Blue-winged Olive Midday #16-20 Rusty Spinner
March Caddisfly Evening #14-18 X-Caddis
April Hatch Stonefly Evening #10-14 Golden Stone
May Mayfly Evening #10-16 Pheasant Tail nymph
June Terrestrial Insects Midday #12-16 Grasshopper Pattern
July Terrestrial insects Midday #12-16 Ant Pattern
August Terrestrial Insects Midday #12-16 Grasshopper Pattern
September Mayfly and Caddisfly Evening #10-16 Elk Hair Caddis
October Hatch Stonefly Evening #10-14 Golden Stone
November Blue-winged Olive Midday #16-20 Rusty Spinner
December Midges Midday #18-22 Zebra Midge

While we strive to ensure the precision of our hatch charts, some reflect broader river region insights. Through ongoing partnerships with local guides and fly shops, we’re committed to refining our data. Should you notice any inconsistencies or have feedback, we welcome you to reach out. 

Best Fishing Spots

Known for its clear flowing waters, the Llano River – Mason is a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts. Here are some of the best spots:
  • James River Crossing: Particularly during spring, this spot offers superb fly fishing opportunities, bubbling with healthy-sized bass.
  • Mason County Park: Here, public access to the river is freely available; perfect for trout and sunfish.
  • Castell Crossing: A top spot amidst local anglers, the Crossing is known for large catfish and bass.
  • Schmidthaus Bend: This spot is great for white bass fishing in the fall and spring; sunfish are available year-round.
  • South Llano River State Park: Besides fishing, this park offers picnic areas and camping sites.
  • James Kiehl River Bend Park: Another public access area, with a great variety of fish species.
Remember, always follow Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fishing regulations while enjoying your fly fishing.

Best Access Points

The Llano River – Mason is an exceptional site for fly-fishing with various convenient access points:

  • South Llano River State Park: Located just outside of Junction and offers a perfect stretch for fly fishing. Its clear waters with a limestone bottom make it a popular spot.
  • James River Crossing: Provides ample bank and deeper water for fly fishing. It’s about 20 miles northeast of Mason.
  • Castell Crossing: Offers a variety of fishing sites. Trout are stocked in winter; the rest of the year, anglers can target warm-water species. Well maintained, with easy access.
  • Kingsland Slab: A public fishing access point on the Llano River, located in Kingsland. Provides good stretches for fly fishing with reduced crowds.

Local Fish

  • Rio Grande Cichlids: Known for their aggressive fight and survival skills, hence a challenge for fly fishers.
  • Largemouth Bass: Predominantly found in the river, the largemouth bass are readily available year-round.
  • Guadalupe Bass: Native to the Texas Hill Country, the Guadalupe bass is a sought-after fish for fly fishers.
  • Rainbow Trout: Not native, but are stocked in certain parts of the river drawing a good crowd of fly fishers.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Prefers clear waters of the Llano river making them a favorite for fly fishing enthusiasts.
  • Bluegill: An easy catch for beginners, can be found any season making them a favorite for fly fishing.
  • Channel Catfish: Though not a traditional catch for fly fishers, can be a thrilling target for the adventurous.
  • Sunfish: A variety of sunfish species are prevalent in the river, making them a popular choice for fly fishers.

About The River

Dive into the beautiful Llano River, notably running through Mason’s picturesque landscapes. Steeped in history, the Llano River is famous for accentuating the Texas Hill Country’s charm.

  • In the late 17th century, Spanish missionaries first discovered the Llano River.
  • It played a significant role in gold mining during the 19th century establishing Mason as a bustling hub.
  • The Llano River has also been a key source of irrigation for Mason’s agricultural endeavors.

The river’s clear, spring-fed waters make it a popular destination for paddle-sports, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Additionally, the unique pink granite riverbed and vibrant wildflowers along the riverbanks are truly a sight to behold. Despite its turbulent past, the Llano River’s enduring beauty contributes to the timeless charm of Mason. Offering a tranquil retreat, it continues to be a priceless gem for locals and visitors alike.


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