Blue Stream Fly Fishing

Hip Waders vs. Chest Waders: The Pros & Cons

Man Fishing in waders in river

Hip Waders or Chest Waders? Choosing the right gear for fly fishing can make all the difference in your experience by the water. One key decision every angler faces is whether to opt for hip waders or chest waders. Both have their unique benefits and drawbacks, depending on the fishing conditions you’ll encounter: Hip Waders: […]

Fly Fishing Tippet: Selection, Usage, and Tips

fly line

Fly Fishing Tippet: Your Gateway to Mastery Dive into the world of tippets, and you’ll quickly realize the magic isn’t just in the fly rod or the fly line. It’s in the details. The fly fishing tippet, often overlooked, are a game-changer. Acting as the bridge between your fly fishing leader and the fly, it’s […]