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Water Flow Chart

Using Water Flow Charts & Weather Reports: Begin with our water flow charts to grasp stream velocity and volume – look for stable or rising trends to pinpoint ideal fishing times. Learn to interpret sudden spikes or drops, which can indicate potential challenges. Next, consult our weather reports to understand ambient conditions. Pairing the two, you can anticipate fish behavior, choose the right gear, and select the best fishing spots. Use these tools together for a holistic approach to your next fishing adventure.

In-Depth Weather

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Hatch Chart

Month Hatch Time of Day Recommended Fly Sizes Popular Fly Patterns
January Midges Afternoon #20 - #22 Zebra Midges
February Blue Winged Olive Afternoon #18 - #20 BWO Emerger
March Stoneflies, Midges Morning - Afternoon #6 - #8, #20 - #22 Golden Stoneflies, Zebra Midges
April Caddisflies, Stoneflies Afternoon - Evening #14 - #16, #6 - #8 Elk Hair Caddis, Golden Stoneflies
May Salmonflies, Stoneflies All Day #2 - #6 Rogue Foam Salmonflies, Golden Stoneflies
June PMDs, Caddisflies Morning - Evening #14 - #16 PMD Emergers, Elk Hair Caddis
July Caddisflies, PMDs Morning - Evening #14 - #16 Elk Hair Caddis, PMD Emergers
August Caddisflies, Hoppers Morning - Evening #10 - #14 Elk Hair Caddis, Foam Hoppers
September Caddisflies, Hoppers, Midges Morning - Evening #14 - #16, #10 - #12, #20 - #22 Elk Hair Caddis, Foam Hoppers, Zebra Midges
October BWO, Midges Afternoon #18 - #20, #20 - #22 BWO Emerger, Zebra Midges
November Blue Winged Olive Afternoon #18 - #20 BWO Emerger
December Midges Afternoon #20 - #22 Zebra Midges

While we strive to ensure the precision of our hatch charts, some reflect broader river region insights. Through ongoing partnerships with local guides and fly shops, we’re committed to refining our data. Should you notice any inconsistencies or have feedback, we welcome you to reach out. 

Best Fishing Spots

The Klamath River in Seiad Valley offers many premier spots for fly-fishing. Here are some of the top choices:

  • Ti Bar: This area of the river is easily accessible and brings in plenty of salmon and steelhead.
  • Hamburg: Nestled along Highway 96, Hamburg is home to trout and steelhead, making it a popular spot among fly fishers.
  • Indian Creek: Also along Highway 96, this site offers tranquil surrounds to fly fish for Coho and Chinook salmon.
  • Seiad Creek: A tributary of the Klamath River, this creek is ideal for those seeking smaller fish, such as brook trout.
  • Johnson’s Beach: This location is near the town center and offers a wide variety of fish species including steelhead and trout.

Best Access Points

The Klamath River – Seiad Valley offers various access points for fly fishing enthusiasts. These include:

  • Seiad Valley Bridge: It’s a perfect spot for those seeking steelhead. Grab your fishing gear and prepare for an exciting experience.
  • Ager-Beswick Road: An excellent starting point for both salmon and steelhead. A possible camping spot is also available nearby.
  • Copco Reservoir: If you enjoy fishing from a boat, this place is well suited. It is excellent for targeting steelhead.
  • Klamath Glen: Great fishing spot, particularly during the salmon run. Easy access and camping options are a bonus.
  • Iron Gate Dam: Perfect for spotting fish species. It is recommended to follow local rules and regulations for fishing on this stretch.

Don’t forget essential gear, including a sturdy fly rod, a collection of flies, waders, plenty of water, and sun protection.

Local Fish

Fish targeted for fly fishing on the Klamath River – Seiad Valley include the following:

  • Chinook Salmon: The Klamath River is renowned for its large population of these powerful fish.
  • Steelhead Trout: This species is present in the river all year, with fall and winter being the most productive seasons to catch them.
  • Coastal Cutthroat Trout: These native trout are an integral part of the Klamath’s ecosystem and a favorite among fly fishermen.
  • Rainbow Trout: Present in the river all year, rainbow trout offer a challenging yet rewarding fishing experience.
  • Brown Trout: Brown Trout are prized by fly fishermen for their striking colors and elusive nature.
  • Mountain Whitefish: Known for their hearty fight, Mountain Whitefish are often found in large schools in the Klamath River.
  • Large-Scale Sucker: A common fish species in the Klamath River, they’re typically caught while targeting other species.
  • Green Sturgeon: Catching this prehistoric giants are a highlight of fishing in the Klamath River.

About The River

Flowing amidst the scenic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest is the breathtakingly beautiful Klamath River. This river’s tale is an intricate one, deeply rooted in Native American culture, gold rush era lore, and natural beauty.

  • The Klamath River is a generous source of life and prosperity, supporting the local mining industry and providing habitat for an impressive variety of plant and animal species.
  • Seiad Valley is this river’s famous companion, where native tribes such as the Shasta and Hupa have been living in harmony with nature for centuries.
  • The Klamath River – Seiad Valley region witnessed a massive influx of settlers during the California Gold Rush, forever altering its cultural and economic fabric.
  • Today, this destination is an adventurer’s paradise, offering hiking, fishing, and rafting opportunities amidst rugged mountains and ancient forests.

As you explore, let the serene ambiance of Klamath River and the hearty hospitality of Seiad Valley create a lasting experience in your heart.


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