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Kewaunee River - near Kewaunee - Wisconsin

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Water Flow Chart

Using Water Flow Charts & Weather Reports: Begin with our water flow charts to grasp stream velocity and volume – look for stable or rising trends to pinpoint ideal fishing times. Learn to interpret sudden spikes or drops, which can indicate potential challenges. Next, consult our weather reports to understand ambient conditions. Pairing the two, you can anticipate fish behavior, choose the right gear, and select the best fishing spots. Use these tools together for a holistic approach to your next fishing adventure.

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Hatch Chart

Month Hatch Time of Day Recommended Fly Sizes Popular Fly Patterns
January Midges Afternoon #18-22 Zebra Midges, Griffith's Gnats
February Midges, Winter Stoneflies Afternoon #18-22, #14-18 BWO Nymphs, Zebra Midges
March Midges, Caddis Larva Afternoon #16-22 BWO Nymphs, Olive Scuds
April Midges, BWOs Afternoon #18-22 Blue Wing Olive, Parachute Adams
May BWOs, Caddis Afternoon to Dusk #14-18 Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams
June BWOs, Caddis, Sulphurs Afternoon to Dusk #14-18 Elk Hair Caddis, Sulphur Emerger
July Caddis, Terrestrials Mid-day to Dusk #12-18 Ant Patterns, Elk Hair Caddis
August Terrestrials, Tricos Morning to Dusk #6-20 Hopper Patterns, Trico Spinners
September Terrestrials, BWOs Afternoon to Dusk #6-18 Hopper Patterns, BWO Emergers
October BWOs Afternoon #18-22 Parachute Adams, BWO Emergers
November BWOs, Midges Afternoon #18-22 Griffith's Gnats, Zebra Midges
December Midges, Winter Stoneflies Afternoon #18-22, #14-18 Zebra Midges, BWO Nymphs

While we strive to ensure the precision of our hatch charts, some reflect broader river region insights. Through ongoing partnerships with local guides and fly shops, we’re committed to refining our data. Should you notice any inconsistencies or have feedback, we welcome you to reach out. 

Best Fishing Spots

The Kewaunee River is a true gem for fly fishermen with a variety of rich fishing spots, perfect for anglers seeking Steelhead, Salmon, and Brown Trout. Highlighted below are some prime spots:

  • Lower Kewaunee River: Accessible from Ellis Street Bridge, it is well-stocked with trout and salmon year-round. The bank features a mixture of shallow and deep runs, ideal for fly fishing.
  • Riverview ATV Park: This park provides access to some excellent fishing spots positioned downstream from Ellis Street Bridge. Brown Trout and Steelhead predominate in this area.
  • Footbridge Area: This fishery boasts an excellent Steelhead run in the spring. It is accessible via Highway C and affords both upstream and downstream access.
  • Lower C&D Canal: This section, located between the river and Lake Michigan, is a fish migration route. It is heavy with Salmon during spawning season, making it a prime fly fishing location.

Best Access Points

The Kewaunee River in Wisconsin is a popular destination for fly fishing enthusiasts, known for its abundant trout and salmon. Here are some of the best access points to this river:

  • Winter Park: Located in Kewaunee County, Winter Park is one of the best access points for fly fishing. There’s ample parking and a great trail system leading down to the river.
  • Footbridge in Kewaunee: This provides easy access to the river and is just a short walk from downtown Kewaunee.
  • River Road: There are several spots along River Road where you can park and walk right up to the water’s edge.
  • Kewaunee Harbor: Though more known for boat fishing, the harbor also provides access to the river especially for fly fishing anglers.
  • Bruemmer Park and Zoo: This park offers easy access to the river, with areas for picnic and wildlife viewing.

Local Fish

  • Chinook Salmon: Known as King Salmon, they are the largest of the Pacific salmon species. They are a favorite among anglers due to their size and fight.
  • Coho Salmon: Also known as Silver Salmon, they put on a spectacular display of jumps and runs when hooked.
  • Rainbow Trout: They hold in different types of water and can be caught on a variety of fly patterns.
  • Brown Trout: Famous for their sly and cunning traits, Brown Trout provide a challenging yet rewarding experience.
  • Steelhead Trout: Known for their hard fight and acrobatic skills. They can reach impressive sizes in the Kewaunee River.
  • Brook Trout: Beautiful and aggressive, Brook Trout are always a favorite among fly fishers.
  • Lake Trout: This deep water species is a thrilling catch, renowned for their power and longevity.
  • Northern Pike: While not traditionally a target for fly fishing, the Northern Pike can provide an exhilarating challenge on the Kewaunee River.

About The River

Trickling through the verdant Wisconsin landscape, the Kewaunee River is a vital part of the local ecosystem and human history alike. Originating from the county’s farmland, the river ambles for about 25 miles near Kewaunee before joining hands with the mighty Lake Michigan.

The river’s tale is fascinating. Its lifeline provides a rich habitat for various species of wildlife, especially trout and salmon, making it a paradise for anglers. Humans have thrived along its banks for centuries, with archaeological traces indicating the presence of Native American cultures.

  • The river also played a crucial role in the settlement and growth of the Kewaunee county with its flourishing timber industry in the 19th century.
  • The arrival of European immigrants marked a shift in the use of the river from subsistence to commerce
  • Today, the river is a pioneer in conservation efforts, with numerous projects dedicated to preserving its pristine health and vitality.

So, the Kewaunee River isn’t just a water course; it’s a testament to the area’s ecological brilliance and intriguing cultural narrative.


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