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Calfpasture River - Above Mill Creek - Virginia

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Water Flow Chart

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Using Water Flow Charts & Weather Reports: Begin with our water flow charts to grasp stream velocity and volume – look for stable or rising trends to pinpoint ideal fishing times. Learn to interpret sudden spikes or drops, which can indicate potential challenges. Next, consult our weather reports to understand ambient conditions. Pairing the two, you can anticipate fish behavior, choose the right gear, and select the best fishing spots. Use these tools together for a holistic approach to your next fishing adventure.

In-Depth Weather

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Directions To Location

Hatch Chart

Month Hatch Time of Day Recommended Fly Sizes Popular Fly Patterns
January Winter Stonefly Daytime 16-20 Black Stonefly Nymph
February Winter Stonefly, Midges Daytime 16-22 Zebra Midge, Black Stonefly Nymph
March Blue Quill, Quill Gordon Afternoon 14-20 Quill Gordon, Blue Quill
April Little Black Caddis, Hendrickson Afternoon, Evening 14-16 Elk Wing Caddis, Hendrickson
May Little Yellow Stonefly, Sulphur Evening 12-18 Yellow Sally, Sulphur Dun
June Golden Stonefly, Green Drake Evening 10-14 Golden Stonefly, Green Drake Parachute
July Terrestrials, Little Yellow Stonefly Daytime, Evening 12-16 Ant, Beetle, Yellow Sally
August Terrestrials, Trico Daytime, Morning 18-24 Ant, Beetle, Trico Spinner
September Terrestrials, Blue Winged Olive Daytime, Evening 16-22 Ant, Beetle, Blue Winged Olive
October Blue Winged Olive, Caddis Afternoon, Evening 16-20 Blue Winged Olive, Elk Wing Caddis
November Blue Winged Olive, Midges Afternoon 18-22 Blue Winged Olive, Zebra Midge
December Winter Stonefly, Midges Daytime 16-22 Black Stonefly Nymph, Zebra Midge

While we strive to ensure the precision of our hatch charts, some reflect broader river region insights. Through ongoing partnerships with local guides and fly shops, we’re committed to refining our data. Should you notice any inconsistencies or have feedback, we welcome you to reach out. 

Best Fishing Spots

Fly fishing on the Calfpasture River – Above Mill Creek can be a thrilling experience if you select the right spots. Noted below are some of the best locations:

  • Bell’s Valley: This spot is known for its abundance of diverse fish. Rates high on the list for the impressive number of trout.
  • Little River: If you’re out for smallmouth bass, this is your spot. Worm and crayfish imitators are your best bet here.
  • Shoemaker’s Knob: Fly fish for wild brook trout here with small streamers and nymphs.
  • Long Glade Run: This feed-in for the Calfpasture is great for fishing for rainbows and brown trout harvested from the river.
  • Goshen Pass: Best known for its native brookies. It’s a challenging spot but worth it for the piscatorial rewards.

All of these spots are subject to favorable water conditions and temperature, thus ensuring an exciting fly-fishing experience.

Best Access Points

For enthusiasts interested in fly fishing at the Calfpasture River above Mill Creek, here are the best access points:

  • Goshen Pass: With suitable trails leading down to fishing spots, this area is preferred for its easy accessibility and ample space.
  • Chapman Landing: Known for its remarkable sunset views, Chapman Landing is not just a favoured access point but also a desired spot for serene evening fishing.
  • Augusta Springs: Offering excellent catch opportunities due to less fishing pressure, this spot can’t be missed for a lesser-known fishing adventure.
  • Staunton Dam: Great for both shore and pier fishing, this dam provides diverse species to catch year-round.

Please ensure to strictly follow regulations for fishing in these waters, to maintain the habitat’s beauty and rich biodiversity.

Local Fish

  • Trout: The Calfpasture River is famous for its native Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. Fly fishing for these fast and cunning fish is a popular sport on the river.
  • Smallmouth Bass: Fly fishing enthusiasts can enjoy smallmouth bass fly fishing as these robust fish are abundant in the Calfpasture above Mill Creek.
  • Rock Bass: Although smaller in size, Rock Bass are fun to catch and they commonly take flies effectively.
  • Walleye: Known to be elusive, the walleye offers a great challenge for fly fishers willing to brave the waters.
  • Muskellunge: While not as common as the other species, this predatory fish can also be found in this stretch and offers a thrilling fishing experience.
  • Carp: Not typically a game fish, Carp are large, fight hard, and are a good species for testing out new fly patterns.
  • Bluegill: A favorite among beginners, Bluegills are easy to catch and provide an opportunity for those new to fly fishing to practice their casting and retrieval.
  • Chain Pickerel: Similar to the more well-known Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel are aggressive, fast, and offer an exhilarating fly fishing experience.

About The River

The Calfpasture River – Above Mill Creek tells a fascinating tale from the southeastern part of Highland County, Virginia. Its name is intriguingly amusing, a testament to the vast pastures that surround it, accommodating herds of roving cattle. Early settlers came across this river on their westward journeys in the 18th century.

Let’s trace some highlights of its history:

  • First silhouetted in the Explorers’ narratives, the Calfpasture River has wended its way into both history and geography books.
  • Instrumental in the development of the region, it was a source of water for the settlers, their livestock, and their crops.
  • The lavish aquatic ecosystem aided local fishing endeavors and the river’s calm demeanor complimented mill operations.
Remember, every ripple on its facade has been a silent spectator to the shaping of local history. The Calfpasture River – Above Mill Creek, thus, flows not just with water, but also abounds with compelling historical narratives.


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